Easy and Convenient Travel? It is Already Possible!

Do you want to travel shorter distances more easily, but do not want to depend on your own car and be a victim of the traffic? We know how annoying it is to drive during traffic and not to find where to park.
Have you ever wondered if there is a more convenient way to travel shorter distances? We will share with you such a way to travel. This is Lime. Lime provides its customers an opportunity to use electric scooters that can move from point A to point B easily, safely and at reasonable prices.

Visit Lime’s website:

How to Use Lime?
Using Lime’s services is quite easy. You just register, find the nearest scooter to you through the Lime app and when you find it, you scan the QR code, which is located on the handlebars of the scooter itself. And that’s it! But do not forget that you are responsible both for yourself and for the other road users . But don’t give up. Lime has made sure you are fully prepared to drive safely and easily…

Lime’s Safety Tutorial:
Lime’s priority is to train its customers to travel responsibly and without risk.
Lime provides videos to its users, with which they can learn not only how to drive the scooter itself, but also how and where to park it.
Another thing they provide is a digital first ride. All you have to do is enroll in the virtual scooter safety lesson, which is conducted by a member of the Lime team.

How to ride a Lime Scooter:

How to park a Lime Scooter:

Lime’s Job Opportunities:
Lime provides numerous career opportunities that you can take advantage of. Mechanics, engineers, marketing specialists, specialists in financial, legal, business operations and many other professions – each of them is available to you, as long as you are qualified enough.

But this is not all. If you want, you can also be a Lime Juicer. These are the people whose task is to charge the scooters. You have the right to set your own schedule and charge the scooters whenever you decide, and payments are very easy.

Nowadays, we often have to travel short distances. But this is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive due to the large number of cars on the road. We have the opportunity to take advantage of Lime electric scooters to benefit both ourselves and the nature.


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