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Are you planning to move to Greece and work there? Wise choice!

Welcome to your guide for working remotely in Greece. Practical information on setting up, including securing a Digital Nomad Visa, details of co-living and co-working spaces in cities, islands, and even mountain villages, and much more … it’s all here to help you make that life-changing decision to work from Greece.

Become a Digital Nomad in Greece

Greece has a relatively low cost of living making it an affordable destination for digital nomads. It has a well-developed technology infrastructure and is well-known for its warm and sunny climate.

Ιt is important for digital nomads to research the specific requirements and regulations for living and working in Greece, including visa requirements and tax obligations, to ensure that they are able to legally and effectively establish themselves in the country. We are here to help with all of that! Read more info below and contact us if you need more!

Mediterranean Climate


Cost of Living

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Average internet speed

Benefits of living in Greece

The Weather

The Weather

The weather in Greece is generally Mediterranean and quite pleasant, with mild winters, hot summers and sunshine almost all year long!

Work-life balance

Work-life balance

The Greek culture values hard work but there is a emphasis on taking time off for leisure and family activities and there are so many things to do for fun!

Cost of living

Cost of living

The cost of living in Greece is generally lower than in other Western European countries in terms of of housing, food, transportation, and entertainment.

People in Greece

People in Greece

The people of Greece are known for their warm hospitality and friendly demeanor. Greeks are also known for their love of food and enjoyment of good company.

Greek Culture

Greek Culture

The country has a rich tradition of festivals and celebrations, and food plays a central role in many of these gatherings.

Greek Food

Greek Food

Greek Food is simply amazing! The Greek cuisine is known for its hearty, satisfying flavors, and it is a key part of the country's cultural heritage.

Things to do

Things to do

Greece is a country with a rich cultural heritage as well as a breathtaking natural beauty, offering a wealth of activities and experiences.

Internet speeds

Internet speeds

According to recent data, the average broadband internet speed in Greece is around 35 Mbps, which is comparable to the average speeds in Europe.

Longer daytime

Longer daytime

Due to its location close to the Mediterranean and its proximity to the equator Greece has long hours of sunshine, especially during the summer months.

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Bringing your Business to Greece

Why have a business presence in Greece?

Τhere are many tax incentives for income from wages and salaries as well as from business activity arising in Greece for individuals who transfer their tax residence to Greece like the following:

  • Exemption from income tax and from the special solidarity contribution of 50% of the income earned in Greece for 7 years.
  • Non-application of the annual objective expenditure for residence and private passenger car.

The incentives come into force under the following conditions:

  • The person concerned has not been a tax resident of Greece for the previous 7 out of 8 years prior to the transfer of his/her tax residence to Greece. 
  • He/she transfers his/her tax residence from an EU or EEA Member State or from a State with which an administrative cooperation agreement in the field of taxation with Greece is in force
  • Provides services in Greece within the framework of an employment relationship within the meaning of par. 2 of Article 12, exercised either in a domestic legal person or legal entity or in a permanent establishment of a foreign enterprise in Greece; and 
  • Declares that he/she will remain in Greece for at least two years.

There is also support from the government: The Greek government has been working to attract digital nomads and remote workers to the country, which can provide access to resources, networking opportunities, and other forms of support.

Work from Greece

Setting up a company in Greece:

  • Greece is a member of the European Union, which means that companies based in Greece have access to the EU market of over 500 million consumers. This can be beneficial for digital nomads who are looking to expand their business or access new markets.
  • Ease of starting a business: Greece has made efforts to make it easier for digital nomads to start a business in the country, which can reduce the time and costs associated with setting up a company.


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The Greek Lifestyle

Greece is a popular destination, offering a variety of dining and entertainment options for digital nomads. People are warm and friendly, the food is amazing, the rich cultural history is present all around and there are so many museums and historical sites worth visiting! Actually, there are more than 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Greece is also an attractive destination, especially for those who enjoy outdoor activities and a Mediterranean lifestyle! There are numerous intriguing r activities to enjoy in Greece, and the country’s varied landscape provides plenty of opportunities for adventure and exploration.

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FAQs about working from Greece

When it comes to working remotely, a good internet connection is a staple. The internet speed progress in Greece is a great example of how digital nomads can make the most of their remote working lifestyle. With fiber-optic technology becoming standard in many neighborhoods, and the 5G network reaching 97% coverage in Athens and 90% coverage in Thessaloniki, digital nomads can stay connected no matter where they are. 

There are 39 airports in Greece with scheduled flights. The biggest airport in Greece is Athens (ATH) / Athens International Airport with flights to 161 destinations in 54 countries.

Flight connectivity in Greece has been steadily increasing over the years. With both domestic and international flights becoming more frequent, it is now easier than ever to travel within the country and abroad.

Greece is a great destination for digital nomads looking for good value for money. Ιt offers a great cost of living that makes it an ideal place to live and work. From accommodation to transport, eating out, and enjoying outdoor activities, the cost of living in Greece is quite reasonable making it a great place to be a digital nomad. 

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Greece is a great destination for digital nomads looking for a safe country to live in as it has one of the lowest rates of violent crime in the world and the lowest in Europe.  

The country is full of numerous fun activities, both indoors and outdoors. From music, theatres, and extreme sports, to shows, exhibitions, monuments, museums, and open spaces – Greece offers something for everyone! 

The beautiful scenery of the country provides the perfect backdrop for leisure activities such as hiking or biking. For those who prefer more cultural experiences, there are plenty of museums and monuments to explore. Additionally, Greece is known for its vibrant nightlife with bars and clubs offering live music on a regular basis.

Actually, Greece is one of the top 25 countries in the world in English language proficiency. According to recent statistics, around 51% of the Greek population can speak English, which is a reasonable proportion and one of the higher percentages in Europe. You will be perfectly fine using English in Athens and any of the other tourist destinations, though in more remote and rural areas some basic Greek will come in handy.