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From the moment we find ourselves in a foreign country everything is difficult. At this moment we need a professional at our side.

Good to Know

When you come to Bulgaria you need to learn how to “survive”. Here we provide you with the 10 most important things to know.


Here at GUIDEFOREIGNERS we believe in our principles. Our knowledge and dedication is the key to our success. We are always perfecting.

SMARTBILLS free up time and make your life easier

Pay all bills just with few tabs

We remind you and collect your monthly sum

You see at a glance payment history

Give parents access to your due sum

We do all the job for you

So sit back and relax

390 billers with one simple payment of all your bills & payments at a glance viewing always in time, directly. We track your bills and let you know

SMARTBILLS is safe, easy fast

SMARTBILLS payment is flexible – pay how you want

Save time – view and pay bills with a few tabs

Security – your data is safe – guaranteed

Rental Apartments, Offices & Property Investment

You are abroad and need assistance, GUIDEFOREIGNERS is here to help. Feel special! GUIDEFOREIGNERS is a personal mentor, who will support you along the difficulties adjusting and become a loyal friend. We can give you guidance as coaches based on talent, expertise with a wide, open and tolerant world view. We are saving you time and money, honestly.

Book Professional Cleaning Experts

Imagine coming home to a completely clean, shine, fresh smelling after a long day of work. You’ll enjoy the healthiest, tidy cleaning service by vetted and verified experts. Your time is precious, save it doing what you like or with your loved ones! Whether you live in a house, apartment or igloo: you’re just a click away from top housekeeping services. We are proud with our reputation, so we take the greatest care in selecting pro for you.

Home Pick-up & Delivery Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service

You’ve got dry cleaning and laundry to do.
We are pleased to offer all of our customers a free pick-up and delivery service. Let the valets pick-up your clothes from your home or office and save yourself a trip! You can order in a few clicks, GUIDEFOREIGNERS will find a local pro, and yeah, get dirty clothing cleaned and ironed with a couple of taps. Pick Up exact date, time and location (wherever your office or home) any day of the week. Your Valet will always arrive between 8.00 am and 8.00 pm. Your clothes will be expertly cleaned according to their care label and the service you select. Delivery back to you is on the next day at your location. GUIDEFOREIGNERS makes our life easier! Tell us what you need with the tap of an ap. Easy!

Home Repair and General Maintenance Professional Services

Some jobs should be handled only by a professional, and we know you’d rather not fiddle with your electrical wiring or outlets. When you order the service you need, GUIDEFOREIGNERS will book a professional electrical contractor, you can take all your stress out. We will help you to pick the ideal handyman: from plumbing issue that needs professional attention and electrical services to furniture assembly and TV mounting.

Expanding abroad? Quality translations are a must.

No matter the type of document you need translated, we’re here for you. Finding the right translation company for your unique needs can be a challenge. GUIDEFOREIGNERS partner with the best Translation Agencies and we select with over 120 experts at their disposal teams the best translation offer with excellent quality with super fast results and competitive prices. No matter the subject, content or project type, we’ve handled it all. Expertly. Always Perfecting. Always Fair. GUIDEFOREIGNERS save you time and money.

Language Courses and Specializations for Foreigners

You have fresh start in a new country? This is the best time to develop yourself? Why not learn Bulgarian language or you can choose more than 12 languages, play a new instrument, sport or enjoy cooking classes. In Bulgaria is a benefit to know which ones are the best. That’s why GUIDEFOREIGNERS collected all the information regarding courses, special classes and schools, and identified those ones that are experienced and provides quality services. The foreign language courses finish with a final exam and a certificate for completion in accordance with the European Framework of Reference. The classes are designed for all levels according to Common European Framework – from beginners to advanced, by university teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this system about?

This app was designed with the ultimate goal of becoming the best friend of every person who goes to work, study, or just live in another country. Inside this, you will see how small everyday things that have made it difficult for you, thanks to your new friend, they do not exist: it enables all of us who do not live in our country and "emigrate" for some years to feel comfortable from the very first month in our new environment. Thoughts like "where will I pay my bills," "where will I translate various forms in order to send them to the tax office in my country?" "Plumber, WHERE CAN I FIND ONE" and so many other daily, small but tedious things will not worry you, because you just have your best friend next to you.

How do I pay you for my own bills?

Through an algorithm we have created, we can automatically and in a short time pay all your bills. To do so, you must send the entire account to the special payment account.

What do I need to get registered?

You should have the following accounts near you:

  1. The accounts relating to the apartment and there are in the name of the owner, in other words the printed version of the accounts or the numbers given to you by the owner of the apartment. If you have the hard copy, usually the customer number is on top and right. This is the number we need.
  2. The accounts which are in your own name, in other words the Internet, your phone, the security company, the cleaning company, etc. The customer number refers to the contract you signed with them.

You have to know the exact address of your apartment (city, street, number, floor, apartment, zip code) and your mobile phone.

It would be better if you gave us an e-mail and a phone number of a man of yours with whom we can communicate in case we do not find you.

What kind of information I must enter for my bills

The customer number from each company and the exact address of the apartment where the accounts are mentioned (city, street, number, floor, apartment, zip code)

Do I get monthly notifications?


Until the 20th of each month all accounts are issued. In our turn, we will immediately send you an informative e-mail detailing all the accounts you have to pay. In this newsletter, you can see the consumptions you have made, as well as the cost of these.

All service providers give you a unique number, the so-called customer number.

When you rent an apartment, the apartment owner will give you those numbers which correspond to the apartment you are staying. By giving us these numbers, we have the opportunity to get information from each company and then let you know.







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