How To Escape Burnout: Reclaim Your Balance And Vitality

Burnout and stressed out?

By Kelly Kiakou Digital nomadism, with its promise of freedom and flexibility, has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. However, it comes with its own set of challenges, and burnout is one of them. The constant movement, the demands of remote work, and the absence of a stable routine can all contribute to the exhaustion […]

9 Strategic Steps to Start an Online Business: The Digital Entrepreneur’s Playbook

Guide for set your online business

By Kelly Kiakou Embarking on the journey of starting an online business can be a transformative experience, altering the trajectory of one’s life in profound ways. The freedom it offers in terms of lifestyle, travel opportunities, and flexible hours can often surpass the benefits of a traditional four-year college degree or a conventional job. However, […]

How do I get my first remote job?

By Leda Dakou Many people who want to adopt the digital nomad lifestyle and work remotely keep asking us that question. Let’s see some basic steps you need to take to achieve your goal: Improving your skills is the first important step towards finding the ideal remote job or any job! Attend webinars, take online […]