Become a Digital Nomad

Dreaming of working and living wherever you want?

When you join Guideforeigners, you can start a company, run your business remotely, eliminate paper and bureaucracy and enjoy the exciting digital nomads lifestyle to the fullest.

Who should buy?

Anyone who is able to work online can become a Digital Nomad!

As long as they have Wi-Fi digital nomads can relocate to a city, they prefer achieving lower taxes, lower cost of living, and many more benefits. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and employees, all can be part of the digital nomads community.

Residency for digital nomads is open to individuals from all countries. Most digital nomads work digitally, are location- independent, and are able to start and run a company regardless of their city or residence.


Already working remotely for your employer? Why not try the Digital Nomad experience in a new city and broaden your horizons?


Already a freelancer working online? Move to a city you prefer, join the digital nomad community, save time and automate or delegate your invoicing processes!

Business owners & Entrepreneurs

Looking to go paperless and run a fully digital company? We will help you!

Become a Digital Nomad

Benefits of our Digital Nomad Kits

We can make it easier for you to achieve your dream, work remotely and establish yourself as a Digital Nomad!


  • Let us guide you before your arrival in a new country on what will be needed.
  • We have gathered all the valuable information for the city you will be choosing.
  • Upon arrival, let us guide you through your very first important steps!

Financial & Legal Advice

  • We know the laws, we know the tax system in each country, and we are ready to share the knowledge with you!
  • We can make sure your finances are in order and you gain lower taxes.
  • Preparation of all necessary documents for a tax number. Translation and legalization of the documents, if required.

Time management

  • We help you save your time by taking care of bureaucracy.
  • We take care of all the necessary documents.
  • We make your life easier and safer by providing direct access to the services you need.

Organization, Scheduling & City Life advice

  • Being an independent digital nomad it’s important to stay organized! We’ve got you !
  • We arrange you Health insurance with direct access to the best clinics in the country.
  • We help you with housing, utility bills payment, and services like cleaning, ironing, etc. even with co-working spaces or personal assistance if needed.

Available kits to become a Digital Nomad

Find below all valuable info needed on each of our digital nomad kits.

Digital Nomad Kit

What's Included

Digital Nomad Kit Pro

What's Included

Starting from


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How to apply

Gather all needed Documents

  • ID or passport
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number )
  • A bill no. that certifies your current address

Submit Application

  • Submit your application to start a company at our website and pay for services needed (documents preparation, tax number issue etc.)
  • In case you are not certain of the services that will be needed or how to fill your application contact us by mail for more information.

Application Review

  • We study your application and proceed with our services or contact you in case we need more information.

Arrange Pick up

  • We arrange to pick you up upon arrival and proceed with our services.

Become a Digital Nomad Today

What happens next

Upon arrival to the new country, we pick you up and after you are settled we start with some important procedures.

Bank & Notary Μeeting

  • We make these meetings with a lawyer, notary and at the bank in order to proceed with issuing your company and opening a bonk account.
  • In case you are already an employee of the country you arrived in, we issue your tax number.

Find Residence

  • We assist you in finding your new residence, register your address and arrange for telephone & internet services.
  • Real estate fees are not covered by our welcome package.

ID Card

  • We assist you issue your new ID card as a resident.

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FAQs about the Digital Nomad kit​

The term digital nomad is used to describe a lifestyle choice of people who choose to travel the world while working remotely.
A digital nomad is anyone using technology to work remotely, often while traveling. These people work from anywhere with an internet connection, rather than being tied to a specific location.

Anyone can become a digital nomad, as long as their job allows them to work remotely. Many digital nomads are self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers, or remote workers in fields such as writing, graphic design, web development, programming, consulting, digital marketing, and more.

However, more and more traditional companies and even government agencies are also embracing remote working and thus more employees can be digital nomads.

To become a digital nomad is not easy, it requires a lot of planning, discipline, and flexibility, but it can be very rewarding.

There are several steps you can take to become a digital nomad:

  • Identify a job or business that can be done remotely
  • Develop the skills needed for your chosen profession.
  • Establish a remote work setup: a laptop, internet connection, and communication tools, to enable you to work remotely.
  • Build a professional network: Network with other digital nomads in your field 
  • Plan your finances: Assess your financial situation & create a budget
  • Select your location 
  • Be prepared to adapt and be flexible!
  • Get the proper visa and paperwork for the countries you plan to visit and stay up-to-date on any travel restrictions or regulations.
  • Find the ideal associates 

The digital nomad lifestyle can be very rewarding, but it also comes with a number of challenges like finding a suitable place to work, internet connection trouble, difficulty in obtaining legal documents and insurance, even the feeling of isolation and lack of community particularly if you don’t have a support network,.

As a citizen of the European Union (EU) you have the right to live and work in any EU country without a visa. If you are a citizen of a non-EU country, you may need a visa to live and work in EU countries.

The requirements for obtaining a visa to live and work in the EU vary depending on the country you wish to live in, your nationality, and the length of your stay.

The best health insurance for digital nomads depends on a number of factors such as your budget, the countries you plan to visit, your health status, and your coverage needs.

We will help you find the best suitable insurance program for you!

Relocating to a new country can be an exciting, but also challenging experience. Here are some steps you can take to make the transition as smooth as possible:

  • Research the country
  • Check your visa requirements
  • Make housing arrangements
  • Get your finances in order
  • Find a job or set up your business
  • Make connections
  • Take care of your physical and mental health with an insurance plan

We will assist you with all of the above! All you have to do is be prepared to adapt and be open to new experiences!