In Bulgaria, there is an option to register a company without traveling to the Republic of Bulgaria. Without the presence of the founders and the managing body, Bulgarian banking institutions will not open fundraising accounts for the purposes of the registration process.

Only in Bulgaria

What is shelf-company and how it works?

In Bulgaria, there is an option to register a company without actually traveling to Bulgaria. Without the presence of the founders and the managing body, Bulgarian banking institutions will not open fundraising accounts for the purposes of the registration process. 

However, there are additional options. 

One of them is to create an online bank account.

In other situations, our office registers the company in the name of an attorney who can then transfer it to the client on the basis of a power of attorney acknowledged by a Bulgarian notary or consulate/embassy in order to avoid this inconvenience. By doing this, our clients can receive a ready-made business without traveling to Bulgaria. They could employ the assistance of financial institutions in this situation. 

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Benefits of Shelf-Company

Limited liability company registration without visiting the country

Fully operational business

Low cost

E-mail redirection of incoming correspondence

Contact person

How it works

We explain our workflow

We create a company according to your own requirements: Company name, Subject of activity, Capital, Address

We create a complete set of documents, including a power of attorney for the transfer of the company shares ownership and a sample signature. The documents are delivered via email.

The power of attorney and the sample signature declaration are signed at the Bulgarian consulate or embassy, A shipping company then sends the entire package of documents to Bulgaria.

Supplying a Certificate of Good Standing naming the company's owners and managers.


  • Consultation
  • Drafting of all the necessary documents in Bulgarian and English.
  • State fees (Commercial Register).
  • Notary fees payable in the process of company registration and acquisition.
  • Bank charges.
  • Consulting/attorney fees

Prices do not include shipping of the documents and expenses of signing the power of attorney in the embassy of Bulgaria in your own country.

FAQs about Locations

Choosing the right location as a digital nomad is important for several reasons: 

  • It is important to keep in mind the cost of living and the overall quality of life. 
  • Equally important is access to reliable and fast internet.
  • Also important is the availability of a community or support network

When choosing a destination as a digital nomad, some of the most important factors to consider include:


  • Internet connectivity and reliability: Make sure the destination has good internet infrastructure and access to reliable, high-speed internet.
  • Cost of living: Consider how much it will cost to live in the destination, including accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses.
  • Safety and security: Research the safety and security situation of the destination and make sure you feel comfortable and safe there.
  • Visa and immigration policies: Find out what the visa and immigration policies are for the destination, and if it’s possible for you to stay there long-term.
  • Community and culture: Consider if the destination has a community of digital nomads or ex-pats and if the culture and lifestyle align with your own.
  • Climate: Make sure the climate of the destination is something you can live with, and if it’s important to you, choose a destination with the type of weather you enjoy.
  • Access to amenities and activities: Consider if the destination has the amenities and activities you need and enjoy, such as gyms, co-working spaces, restaurants, and recreational activities.

The length of time that digital nomads stay in one place can vary widely. Some digital nomads move around frequently to experience different cultures and environments, while others prefer to stay in one place for a longer period of time to establish a routine and build a community.

Digital nomads can live in any time zone, as long as they have access to reliable internet and can manage their work schedule accordingly.

As digital nomads work remotely, they usually can choose their destination based on their personal preferences and priorities.

Before arriving at a new location, it’s important to research and consider several factors to ensure that the location is a good fit for your lifestyle and work needs. Some things to check include:


  • Cost of living: Research the cost of rent, groceries, utilities, and other expenses to ensure that you can afford to live there.
  • Job opportunities: Look into job opportunities in the area to ensure that there are suitable opportunities for your field of work.
  • Transportation: Research the public transportation options and/or the traffic 
  • Safety: Look into the overall safety of the area to ensure that it feels secure.
  • Climate: Research the climate to see if it is suitable for your preferences.
  • Leisure activities: Look into leisure activities available to ensure that the location offers activities you enjoy.
  • Living conditions: Look into the living conditions of the area, such as noise levels, air quality, and pollution.
  • Healthcare facilities: Research the availability and quality of healthcare facilities in the area.