Carbon laser peeling with Alma-Q

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Laser rejuvenation with ALMA-Q is a high-tech solution for awakening the natural beauty and potential of your skin – to look smoother, younger and healthier. The result is clean, shiny and soft appearance. The laser energy is configured in controlled bundles which penetrate deep into the dermis without affecting the surface layers of the skin. The rejuvenation happens in the middle and deeper skin levels. This allows for a year-round application cycle. The powerful stimulation of new collagen and elastin immediately improves skin quality.

The procedure powerfully lifts the tissues, remodels the skin by tightening it and making it thicker. It eliminates imperfections and shrinks pores with a guaranteed lasting effect. The method is popularly referred to as “lunchtime lift” because it is painless, with no recovery time and no need for anesthesia.

ALMA-Q has unprecedented power and achieves fast, long-lasting and natural results identical to the laser resurfacing effect. The high-energy fractional Q-switched laser allows our specialists to combine therapies needed for the outermost layers of the skin or deep skin therapies, depending on the area, skin type they treat. The energy fractionation allows additional possibilities for effective deep pigmentation therapy and for a wide range of skin aging problems.

In addition to anti-aging, the therapy can also be used as a preventative treatment for aging skin-care over the age of 25. The ALMA-Q laser lift renews mature skin, stimulates its natural radiance, clears wrinkles and blemishes. These therapies are safe for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate areas.


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