Dear Global Citizens,

When I faced the challenges moving abroad in 2010, I met several problems that made my daily life very tough to deal with. I had difficulties in all branches, bills payments, I could not find customer service in English. I came in Sofia from a country that has its different cultures, own set of rules and legal norms. What is more significant that I met foreigners with the same faced problems.

Moving abroad and starting over in a new country is one of the most terrifying exciting adventures ever. Life as you know it will change – and I’m not just talking addresses and laundry detergent. Be prepared for culture shock. A different language, a different mentality and often a completely different culture – going abroad for some time to work or study means facing all of this.

Thanks to my real life experiences I created the genius application GUIDEFOREIGNERS with my team. We’re well aware of the challenges you’ll face while living abroad. That’s why we’ve developed this app to make your life easy and help you. We will meet all of your needs — and even many of your wants.

Savvas Kesanoglou