Rental Apartments, Offices & Property Investment

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Rental Property

Finding an apartment is very tough in Bulgaria. Renting a flat directly from the owner is impossible, so the rental market is very thin. We will provide you with the choices that exactly match your needs and guide you. You know what area and house you would be happy with? Our experts are very flexible when you are searching for a flat.

Real Property

Whether you are in Bulgaria for a short or long term, it is always a good idea to seek out any opportunity to invest in real estate property. Find that dreamy summerhouse that you have been dreaming. You will need to first establish the location where you want to buy, as well as the style of home if you are purchasing or investing. Whatever your needs are, our real estate agents will provide you with the most qualified advise and portfolio which best matches your criteria and your wishes.

Property Purchase Consultation

Evaluation of a client’s plan to buy a property and investment value

Funding options (mortgage, etc.)

Tax law and real estate owner’s obligations

Apartment Consultation – free of charge for VIP clients

Legal review of current lease documentation, preparation of termination letters

Communication with landlord or service suppliers

Everything you need to know about living in Bulgaria and your perfect stay in Sofia.

Our team will be in touch with you throughout your lease, advise you and solve the issue!

So you can enjoy every day and every moment in Sofia. Trips are experiences.