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Ultrasonic Cleaning & Airflow Polishing


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Gold standard of British GDC- dental examination, ultrasonic cleaning, Airflow polishing, digital x-rays


Oral care is one of the most important things for our health. The procedure Ultrasonic cleaning and Airflow polishing includes a detailed dental examination to examine the condition of the teeth and gums and to determine the assessment of the disease.

Our dental specialists will perform the following steps to provide you with comprehensive information about the procedure:

  • Dental examination.
  • Gum disease evaluation.
  • Oral cancer examination.
  • Occlusion( bite) evaluation.
  • Sensitivity test.
  • Ultrаsonic tartar cleaning.
  • Airflow polishing.
  • Digital x-rays .
  • Caries( decay) detector test.
  • Plaque detector test.
  • Saliva Ph test.
  • Anaеsthesia ( numbing) if needed it.

Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing of teeth are essential to make our teeth look healthy and a smile beautiful!

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Dr Pavlov & Dr Todorova

Dental Clinic: George Sofiiski the newest Dental practice

Adress: Sofia, Tri ushi str. 6 .

*They are located at the ground floor of Bulgarian stock exchange building.

Phone: +359877400046



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We are happy to introduce ourselves.
Our practice is owned and run by
Dr Pavlov & Dr Todorova.Our main goal is to provide the best possible treatment according to your needs, we aim to build a personal relationship with every patient to ensure your journey with us is comfortable and relaxing at every point.
We believe the best results benefit from our Continual Professional Development, of which we have both achieved many accolades and certificates from our time practicing in Great Britain for almost 10 years, The modern facilities and most up to date equipment and lastly our ability to gain the trust from our wonderful patients. These all make our working day a happy and content one.
Dr Todorova, loves our Little people, and has produced a “Tooth Book” with much love and compassion.

We are very passionate about the environment and with that in mind have pledged to plant a tree for every patient visit in cooperation with
We have also been the major provider in the production and distribution of more than 10,000 face shields for our medical practitioners, free of charge, at the beginning of the Corona Virus Crisis, where many hundreds of kindhearted beautiful people have joined together as one and worked tirelessly. We believe every human being can help change the world.

Take care for your smile

Working hours

Monday-Wednesday: 9.30am to 6.00pm Tuesday-Friday: 9.30am to 6.30pm

We are here

Sofia, Tri ushi str. 6 . *They are located at the ground floor of Bulgarian stock exchange building.
Phone: +359877400046


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