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To raft on many rivers, to enjoy them and having in mind the safety to get along with mother nature.

Rafting on Iskar River

full rafting equipment(neoprene suit, neoprene shoes, PFD, helmet, jacket), qualified rafting guide, safety briefing, transport on the rafting track, insurance for the rafting
a reservation in advance is required, personal belongings: towel, t-shirt, shorts, bathing suit, flipflops


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Rafting on Iskar River takes about 1,5-2 hours, the river track is 10km long. The rafting base is about 60km from Sofia. The club provides all needed equipment, the river grade is 2+/3, depending on the level. In the very beginning you get equipped on the rafting base and we transport you to the starting point of the rafting. There are numerous rapids, and slower sections for relax. The end of the trip is the rafting base, where you cars are.

Additional information

Additional Information

Price Includes:
the longest river run – about 12 km
full equipment for the rafting – neoprene suit, neoprene shoes, helmet, jacket, PFD
qualified rafting instructor
safety instructions for the rafting
changing rooms and outside showers
free transport on the rafting track
rafting insurance
convenient parking lot
Price Excludes:
photographer, who takes pictures on the most extreme rapids
transport to the rafting centre

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During rafting trip , it is not important how strong we are and how good we are, the most important is to work as a team, in synchrone. This makes us strong and good!


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