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Clinic specialised in diagnosing and treating dermatological diseases, skin problems, cosmetics, rejuvenation, non-surgical facial reshaping and state-of-the-art laser procedures. Also, a place to pamper yourself with relaxing body and beauty treatments.


Laser hair removal of the entire intimate area

Remove unwanted hair from the intimate area with the highest quality laser generation Soprano Titanium RC

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The removal of unwanted hair is an endless problem, and permanent hair removal is extremely challenging. Whether your skin is light, dark or tanned, whether you have a thicker or thinner hairs, the latest generation ultramodern Soprano Titanium RC laser hair removal platform, which combines unparalleled functionality and comfort, triggers lasting results. Thanks to its 4 sq. cm working area and advanced cooling system, procedures are much faster (by 40%), more effective and less painful.

Soprano Titanium combines exclusive 3D technology with the three most effective laser wavelengths in a single applicator, simultaneously aimed at different depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicle. By combining absorption and penetration at three wavelengths, together with optimal coverage of the area and comfort, Soprano Titanium stands out with its exceptional safety and effectiveness profile. Maximum comfort during the procedure is guaranteed by the Ice Plus continuous cooling system. The procedures are ultrafast, even in large areas, with their safety clinically proven. Laser hair removal with Soprano Titanium RC is suitable for all phototypes, even tanned skin (I-VI), as well as for any area of the body, including hard-to-reach and sensitive areas, such as ears, neck and intimate area. It can be performed 365 days a year.

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We guarantee a personalised treatment by our team of doctors and the prescription of individual procedures performed by a great variety of methods and the latest laser machines, not available anywhere else in Bulgaria.

Team of doctors

Dr Yanita Mihaylova

Dermatology and venereology

Dr Yanita Mihailova built the foundations of her education as a doctor at the Medical University of Varna, where skin and venereal diseases sparked her interest. Later, she continued to expand her knowledge, focusing entirely on aesthetic dermatology. Numerous professional qualifications in this field. Specialised in facial sculpting by injectable procedures, dermascopy and laser procedures.

Dr. Samer Chokr


Dr. Chokr has been on a specialisation in dermatology and venereology at Ajibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital since 2017. His professional biography includes a number of successfully completed training courses in work with hyaluronic fillers, muscle relaxants, plasma therapy, chemical peels, cryolipolysis, RF microneedling, mesolifts, and mesotherapy. 

Assoc. Prof. Vesela Raykova, MD

Dermatologist Medical microbiology Skin and venereal diseases

Dr Raykova completed her medical education in 2002. She successfully acquired her first specialisation in Medical Microbiology in 2009. Soon after, in 2010, she was also became a Doctor of Science. She continued to specialise, this time in Skin and Venereal Diseases. She completed a series of postgraduate qualifications and courses in laser therapies and injectable aesthetic procedures.

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Bulevard "Evlogi i Hristo Georgiev" 117, 1504 Sofia Center, Sofia


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