Language Courses and Specializations for Foreigners

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We are proud to cooperate with Language Centers and all the options you can choose from:

  • Short course in conversational Bulgarian – 50 lessons, 6 weeks duration.
  • Courses of foreign languages taught in English.
  • Intensive two-semester course of Bulgarian for Foreigners, guarantees high-quality instruction and is designed for applicants who would like learn Bulgarian in order to attend university study programs.
  • Semi-intensive courses are usually on an individual basis and are recommended to students who need to learn or improve their language in a short period of time but who prefer not to study the whole day.
  • Individual lessons, recommend to students who need a more “personalized” program or who, for various reasons, cannot or prefer not to attend courses that last a long time. We recommend these courses to students who need to reach particular objectives in a short period of time. Individual lessons – they are designed as one-to-one lessons. You will have 2 classes per week. Individual lessons are flexible in content and schedule.
  • Group course – consists of at least 4 students. Your course will run for 2 months. You will have 2 classes per week, each class consists of 3 training hours = 120 minutes.
  • Online courses of Bulgarian language for foreigners which are licensed internationally. They are available via Skype and everything you need is a stable internet connection and a headset. These courses are perfect for people who live out of town or abroad and want to save time and money for travelling.
  • Thematic events to introduce Bulgarian culture and traditions.

Note: The Language Services provides preparation teaching materials, teacher training and the latest methodology. The recommended teachers have taught Bulgarian to all kinds of students – actresses, football players, politicians, managers in large multi-national companies, students and many more.

Improve the quality of your life, that knowledge creates your own personal path.