Expanding Abroad? Quality Translations Are a Must.

Finding the right translation company for your unique needs can be a challenge. GUIDEFOREIGNERS partner with the best Translation Agencies and we select with over 120 experts at their disposal teams the best translation offer with excellent quality with super fast results and competitive prices. No matter the subject, content or project type, we’ve handled it all. Expertly.

Services offered by the best translation companies include:

General Translation Services (Business, Financial Translation.)

From bank statements to real estate proposals, GUIDEFOREIGNERS is able to support you through the experts of financial translations. In addition to accurately translating words, you can trust that global currencies, time spans, charts and graphs are also converted with the exactness demanded by financial institutions. Most translations are processed within 3 working days (depending of their extent).

Certified Document Translations/ Legal translations

The certified translation, sometimes also called a translation with a stamp or sworn translation, is the translation of a document for legal purposes or for purposes of public or government institutions and bodies. Documents that require certified translation usually include contracts, car registrations, diplomas, extracts from the criminal register, marriage certificates etc.
This translation is used for official purposes (requested by authorities, embassies, universities, etc.), must be performed by an appointed court interpreter and always consists of:

  1. the original / true copy
  2. its translation
  3. court interpreter’s clause with signature and round stamp
  4. all attached together. By law, certified translations must always be bound to the original or a certified copy (not a regular photocopy, but one authorized by a Bulgarian notary).

The above-mentioned documents shall be the original documents. The documents may be certified with the Consular Service of the Embassy of the country for which the documents are meant to be used. The client shall cover the certification tax of the respective Embassy plus the courier and service fee of the Translation Company.

Note: You have to bring the original document for certified translation personally. Most translations are processed within 5 working days (depending of their extent).

Media translations/ In-person Interpreting Services

Personal interpreting of short segments of a speech, usually during a press conference or business negotiations, appointments with a notary, in offices of authorities, in court or during a general meeting of a company. GUIDEFOREIGNERS can select your professional and certified personal interpreter.
Please, use online form that to request a quote.

Scientific and Technical Translations

When we say that your translations will be done by specialists, we mean it. We will help you select the best expert translator, who has a higher education degree and even work in the industry they specialize in. That means practicing doctors work on our medical texts, and engineers work on our engineering texts, for example. Here are some of the many industries we work with every day:

Engineering, Automotive, Electrical, IT, Medical &Pharmaceutical, Finance, Patents.

Thanks to our partnerships we offer flexible services that comfort you in knowing they are getting exactly what they need, exactly when they need it.

Most translations are processed within 3 working days (depending of their extent). If you are in a hurry, we’ll arrange express translation for an extra fee often less than 24 hours. Please note that for express translation, we have to verify the translator’s capacity first before confirming that express translation is possible. To speed up the process, send us the document scanned so that we can start translating immediately upon payment receipt and the physical original/notarial copy can be delivered consequently. Please feel free to send us an inquiry to translations@guideforeigners.com, with your source file and desired target language. We will send you translations according to your wishes and needs by e-mail, courier on the required date and time to the required address.