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What is a Digital Nomad

  • Traveling worldwide and working digitally, free from office restrictions, seemed like a dream some years ago… Today it is a reality for many people called Digital Nomads!
  • A digital nomad works remotely for a company or for himself, being able to live wherever he prefers and enjoying numerous benefits: Independence, lower taxes, flexibility to travel, low cost of living, valuable experience from discovering new cultures, personal growth, and a much better work-life balance!

If you want these privileges in your life but need some help to start your digital nomad journey you are at the right place!

  • We will provide you all the services you need in Housing, Health Insurance, Legal & Tax Advice, Free-time tips and much more, combined in packages!
  • All you have to do is choose the country to relocate to, select the subscription plan that fits your requirements and enjoy high-quality digital nomad services in all sectors!

Learn more about available kits for Digital Nomads

Find below all valuable info needed on each of our digital nomad kits.

Digital Nomad Kit

What's Included

Digital Nomad Kit Pro

What's Included

Starting from


Start a company in the best suitable place for your needs

Manage your business remotely from everywhere while traveling & enriching your experiences

Relocate to a place where taxes are less and the cost of living is lower and enjoy remote working.

Enjoy all-in-one services in the country you choose to work saving valuable time and effort.

Better work–life balance: We’ll make sure to help you organize your work and your free time.

Subscription Services for Digital Nomads

Guide Foreigners is an innovative and well-developed platform that provides you with the highest quality needed services in the country of your choice! For each country, we have prepared several types of subscription packages that will be very useful and help you organize your relocation in the best possible way according to your own needs.

Co-working space

All you need for a pleasant working atmosphere & connecting with other professionals.

Professional cleaning

One of the favorite services for those who value free time.

Full accounting service

for your business. Save time from researching the legislation and its amendments.

Health Insurance

is one of the most important insurances when you live in a new country.

Each one of our services, except the health insurance and the call center can be provided separately even in case you don’t need a subscription package.

Find below detailed information about our subscription packages and prices to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle!

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Why did these Digital Nomads choose Guide Foreigners?

Nikolaos Dimageleas English Professor

For sure, when deciding to relocate to a new country and work as a Digital Nomad is not the easiest thing to do! But Guide Foreigners is there for all of us willing to take the next step. Informed and informative, organized and clear, the whole team are ready to help you all the way! Thank you Guide Foreigners!

Marin Donkov Lawyer

I have worked with GuideForeigners on a few occasions and my experience has really kept me coming back! Speed, attention to detail, and understanding of clients' needs are what I have seen from them so am giving my 5 stars with pleasure.